The Stand Mixer in the Kitchen

One think people always want to know if what kind of mixer do I own?   I have 2.  I have a hand held and a stand mixer.  The hand help is nothing special – I picked it up at the store for under $15.  It does the light job when I do not need the big guns.


This is close to the stand mixer I have.  Mine is a Kitchenaid KS45 purchased in the 80’s. I must admit that for years ir was hardly touched except for holiday baking time when I would bake my cookies for everyone,  It was production style.  Double or triple batches.  I used 8 cookie sheets, always having 3 pans in the oven at once. Talk about a challenge.  You know if I did not have a heavy duty stand mixer I would not of  been able to do it.

Even making the American buttercream icing is a breeze and no stress on the machine.


My take on hand mixer.  There are times when the hand mixer works great. Think light duty work. If I think snow, its like using a snow shovel/broom to move 1/2 inch of fresh snow.  There is no need to pull out the big 18″ high snow blower for that.  Whipping mashed potatoes, mixing most cake mixes, whipped cream, instant puddings etc.  But anything too thick like doughs and some cookies no way.  I burned out too many hand mixers that way.

What about those cheap stand mixers?

Here are three different examples of stand mixers.   They are at the low end, not heavy duty ones.

Are they any good?  Sure they are, but with any tool it all depends on how you are planing on using it.  They will do a great job at mixing most cake batters, mashed potatoes, whipped creams and limited cookie doughs.

What do you mean limited cookie by doughs?  Just that.  If you have a very stiff dough, they may mix it but the motor will be straining.  Just like kneading doughs.  They really are too light duty for that hard work.  If you are doing various icings and frosting it may take much longer than a heavy duty stand mixer.

Would I buy one? I would, but remember if I intend to make doughs, stiff cookie doughs, swiss meringue butter cream I would look for something else.  These have a use in the kitchen, but do not expect them to work like a heavy duty stand mixer.


Heavy Duty – Commercial – Professional Quality Stand Mixers.

The most famous brand is Kitchenaid.  From what I read online sometime in the early 2000’s they may have started using different materials which may not hold up as well on their low end mixers.  Always check out reviews and complaints before you make you decision.  I personally would stick with a professional quality one, I know they are more expensive, but they are designed for more abuse.

How much will it cost?  Expect to pay $300 plus.  You are making an investment here.  If you are running any kind of business take that into consideration.

What about other commercial? Check out restaurant and bakery supply stores.  You can pick up some good 6 to 10 quart mixers at a reasonable price which carry the NSF rating.  Some have optional interlocked guarding to comply with OSHA and local labor worker safety laws.

As you can see I have just touched the surface on this issue.  These are strictly my opinions here.  I advise you to investigate prior to any purchase you make.


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  • Jane turner

    I have had my kitchenaid since 1979….ouch that makes me sound old! I love it and like you never really got the full benefit of the wonder of the machine until I became an addicted baker or Gretchenator we call it theses days. Each day I use it ( and believe me it is every day ) I pray it survives another buttercream ‘forced march’ . The day it finally is laid to rest in a thrift shop for parts I will skip on down to Kohls and buy the delux $600 model I have been drooling over for years…but not unless I have a 30% off coupon…mama needs flour cash .

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