Pizza Making Equipment

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Example of Some Pizza Making Equipment

There are several pieces of equipment I use when making pizza.

Pizza Stone - 2014-11-08Pizza Stone

I use a rectangular stone placed on the bottom rack of the oven. The oven is preheated to 500ºF.  Stones come in many different sizes and shapes.




Pizza Peels 2014-11-08Pizza Peels

Use the wooden peel to make you pizza on and to place onto the stone if you are not using a screen. I also run my pizza on the wooden peel.

Use the thin aluminum peel to take the pizza out of the oven.



Pizza Screen - 2014-11-08

Pizza Screen.

An 14-inch aluminum pizza screen.  Makes it a lot easier getting pizzas in and out of the oven.  Do not cut on the screen.  Place the screen directly on the stone, the crust will brown perfectly.  Screens come in other sizes.


Baking Pan - 2014-11-08Non-stick Pizza Pan with holes

If you do not have a stone, you will need a pan to bake your pizza on, get one that is non-stick for those times when the cheese wants to stick and with the small holes in.  The holes help evaporate moisture aiding in a crisper crust. 16″ Nonstick pizza pan with holes.

For serving, I use a 16″ pizza pan that has no holes.



Pizza Cutter

Choose a style you like.  A big 4-inch cutter wheel is great.  If you are really into pizza maybe you want to use a 20″ rocking cutter with handles.  The choice is your.  The handles are a big help on the rocking pizza cutter and while a little pricy no more ugly pizza slices for me.


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