Joined Tasty Query

I have added my recipe posts to the Tasty Query web site

This web sits is like pinterest® in how it shows the posts, where you can click on a like icon or you can click on the image and be transferred to the web site the image is from.

Tasty Query Logo

To find this sites recipes on Tasty Query,   you can click on this link.

This will open up a new window and display the blog posts and recipes along with the main pictures.


If the recipe has no main picture you will see the following place holder picture.

Tasty Query No Photo

Tasty Query Photo Folder for recipe

You can even do searches for posts from other member blogs.


The nice thing about this is since I have joined everything is automatic.  When I do a post, their robot scanners will find it on my blog and add it to their listing.  This is a really neat idea from a bloggers point of view.

I hope you check out TastyQuery and find it useful in searching for other recipes.





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