How I Save Recipes I find On-line

Stove Top Rice Pudding Using Leftover Rice -Plugin Printoujt- 2fatguyscooking.pdf - 2015-12-06
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I am a recipe hoarder.  I love to look for recipes all over the place and then save them.  At one time I used to print them out and well, I had well over 1,000 pages and truthfully it became very hard to find anything.  But technology has come to my rescue and it can save you tool.

I am going to take you through how I would save a recipe from my site.  I will warm you that is going to be a long post, but you should find it very informative and helpful.

First off,  what recipe do I want to save?

SR - Home01 Blog Page This picture is from my blog main page.  I am going to select the “Stove Top Rice Pudding Using Leftover Rice”.

When I bring the recipe up this is what I see

SR - Home02 Recipe Page

3 Different way to save recipe

First way – Print Friendly Option

Print Friendly is an online web page where it will take a page and reformat so you can save it or print it.  It will give you an option to save as a PDF file or to print it.  You can access PRINT FRIENDLY at

You can add a “Print Friendly” button to you browser.  This is what I have and and to use it, I just click on the Print Friendly icon in my browser.

OR you can enter the page url in the print friendly web site and follow the same links as I show here.  There will be some slight variations but it is similar.

Once I click on the print friendly icon this is what I get.

SR - PF01

I next start scrolling down the display to see if there is information I do not need or do not want printed. You can click on this information to delete it.  If you click on something by mistake there is an undo button.

Next I click on the the PDF button and download the file.

Here is the PDF file created.

PDF File Created

PDF File Created

I save my recipes in a Folder I call RECIPES.  And I sort the files by the web site they came from. So here I need to create a folder 2 Fat Guys Cooking

Next I open up the folder 2 fat guys cooking so I can name my recipes so I can search for them a little easier at a later date.  My name is a combination of the recipe name, web site and the date I saved the recipe.  I use this format:


Copy the file name to the clipboard because you will be reusing it to save a photo for the recipe.

Next close the pdf file and return to the print friendly page and right click on the picture you want to save and select SAVE IMAGE AS.  Go to the same folder you just save the pdf file in. And then rename the image the same as your pdf file (with the .pdf) and save the image as a jpg.


Second Way – Print the recipe using the print icon or the print button from the recipe plug-in the web site created.

Not all recipes will have a print icon or a print button.  On the website  I enter the recipes in a plug-in called WP Ultimate Recipes Pro which gives me a print icon,  If you go to a web site like you may find a print button instead.  And there are some web site out there that do not have a print button/option.

Now find your folder as describes above, if necessary create a new folder.

The third way is to just print the page using File – Print  (or Control+P)

Save the file as shown above as a pdf and save an image.  I did not do separate images for this.

How does it compare?

I used the same image for all three files:

Stove Top Rice Pudding Using Leftover Rice -Plugin Printoujt- 2fatguyscooking.pdf - 2015-12-06


Clicking on the images below will open up a PDF file of the saved recipe.

Print Friendly Printout

Print Friendly Printout

Print Button on Page Printout

Print Button on Page Printout

Control+P printout of the page

Control+P printout of the page



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