Apple Pie Recipe – Double Crust

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinYummlyemailPrintTumblrPinterestWho can not resist a fresh baked apple pie? To me nothing beats a fresh baked apple pie served warm with a dollop of creamy vanilla ice cream.  But first we must do a little work. There are three parts to making a double crust apple pie.  We need a pie shell (an unbaked pie crust), the filling and […]

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Apple Pie Filling – Cooked in Sauce

You have seen jars and cans of apple pie filling with the apples in a sauce, with this recipe you will be able to make an apple pie filling similar. This is intended to be used or refrigerated and used within a few days. I do not do my own canning, but there are plenty of recipes out there on how to make a canned filling.

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