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Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Who does not love a grilled cheese sandwich. My only problem was I never kept my butter out so it was always hard out of the refrigerator and tore up my bread. Sure I tried putting a dollop in the frying pan for it to melt then put the bread slices on top, but I never achieved a good coating. Then one day I saw my answer on television, I have no idea what show it was anymore, but it worked wonders for me. My savior was mayonnaise. Who would of though something as simple as mayonnaise could work. Well mayonnaise is an egg yolk, spices,an emulsifier and oil. Just what I needed and so much easier to spread.

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Egg Salad Recipe

Have you seen the price of store bought egg salad lately. I saw a sale ad the other day and it listed at over $4.00 a pound. Sure eggs might be selling for close to $3.00 a pound right now, but a pound of egg salad is only a few eggs, mayo and some other items. The best part is you can add additional spices to make your own unique flavor. Try it today.

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