Homemade Self Rising Flour

self rising flour

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinYummlyemailPrintTumblrPinterestHomemade Self Rising Flour. The pantry is overflowing with items. Look at the number of flours you can have, all-purpose, pastry, cake, whole wheat, bread, rye, pumpernickel, semolina, Bisquick®, cornmeal, etc. Do I really need to store self rising flour? For convenience sure, but it is just as easy to make your own by mixing a few basic kitchen staples […]

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Bread Flour Substitute Using All Purpose Flour

Homemade Bread Flour

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinYummlyemailPrintTumblrPinterestHomemade Bread Flour How may times have you looked at a bread recipe and it calls for Bread Flour but all you have is All-Purpose Flour. Have no fears because adding some vital wheat gluten you can make your own. Vital Wheat Gluten is a protein from flour which creates long strings of molecules and helps hold the carbon […]

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Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup Copycat Recipe

You could always tell the can of Hershey’s chocolate syrup in the refrigerator. If the brown label with the silver writing did not give it away it surely has to be the yellow lid or was it the fact that the last person who used it put it back empty. Just grab the can and add some milk, put the lid on and shake to get the last bits of chocolate flavoring. It’s easier to make than you think. Make it today.

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Bakery Pan Grease

Use this professional bakery pan grease and forget about greasing and flouring your pans. Throw away the non-stick flour sprays this works much better and is much cheaper. Three ingredients, flour, vegetable shortening and vegetable oil in equal volume amounts is all you need. Who would of though it could be this easier. Apply with a brush and you can say “Look Mom, no mess!” No flour to have to shake around a pan and tap out then clean up the kitchen since it few all over the place. Become of fan of the best professional pastry grease around.

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