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I have made some changes with how the blog handles recipes.  No recipes have been deleted, although many of the url’s have changed.







Why did I do this?  I use a recipe plugin (an add-on program) to enter the recipes.  It is call WP Ultimate Recipe Plus.  This allow you, the viewer to change the number of servings a recipe makes.

2015-08-12-2250 Recipe Serving changeThe other reason I have chosen this plugin is it allows the viewer to switch from the US Imperial system to the metric system.  As when you deal with computer programing, it is not always as smart as we like to think it is so you sometimes end up with weird number such as 4.21 grams and if you switch back, the units may revert to weight, but all is not lost, just reload the page and you should see the original post.

2015-08-12-2255 Recipe Switch UnitsI also have trouble viewing the default green print for links,  I will be changing that to a different color shortly.  Speaking of which,  if you click on any of the ingredient links in the recipe, it will bring up a listing of all other recipes with that ingredient, course or cuisine you clicked on.


2015-08-12-2310 Recipe search linksPrint Recipe Button

I have changed the default print out layout to a blue background.  BTW, if you cancel the print when the print recipe comes up,  by default this plugin just closes the print manager window and keeps the print recipe displayed.  The links are clickable and will bring the search window.

2015-08-12-2320 Recipe Printout

If anyone has any suggestions on how I am improve the layout or print out leave a comment below.  I can modify some settings.  Just remember I am only learning how to do this, so it might take some time to get it right.


  • Awesome Joe! very helpful “why’s” and “how’s”

    • Joseph

      What I love with the WP Ultimate Pro plug-in it gives me many options different from Easy Recipe. Though it is harder to use, in the long run it kind of allows for more user interface that I think most people do not realize. Sometimes it is nice to look for another recipe with a special ingredient so just find one recipe with that ingredient then you can get them all. Example egg yolk recipes. Maybe I need to come up with an easy way to search by ingredient on a separate page,

      Thanks for the kind words.

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