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Joined Tasty Query
I have added my recipe posts to the Tasty Query web site This web site is like Pinterest® in how it shows the posts, where you can click on a like icon or you can click on the image and be transferred to the web site the image is from.
Reached 200 Facebook Likes
On Saturday, February 6, 2016 we reached a milestone of 200 likes on Facebook. Thank you for all you support.
Top 5 Recipes for 2015
How I Save Recipes I find On-line
I am a recipe hoarder. I love to look for recipes all over the place and then save them. At one time I used to print them out and well, I had well over 1,000 pages and truthfully it became very hard to find anything. But technology has come to my rescue and it can save you tool. I am going to take you through how I would save a recipe from my site. I will warm you that is going to be a long post, but you should find it very informative and helpful.
Dishers and Ice Cream Scoops Sizes - Portion Control
Dishers (more commonly called ice cream scoops) are used in the kitchen as a portion control device. Dishers are available in sized from 2 teaspoons up to 1cup so there is a wide range of available sizes. Included here is the available sizes, the capacities and how to identifiy them by color.
Bread Baker Percentages and What it Means to the Home Baker
You may have seen recipes geared towards the professional baker. The formulas they provide are in percentages (%). What does it mean and how to make a recipe is explained in this post. Featured are two examples to help you out.
Blog Site Changes
In August of 2015 I made some changes which resulted in most recipes having a url change. I also changed the format of the recipes and print out. I hope these are for the better. This post explains these changes and I also share how to use the links available in the WP Ultimate Pro recipe plugin.
Slow Cooker Purchase
I recently purchased a slow cooker. It has been years since I am one so I would consider myself a beginner slow cooker. I wanted to share the slow cooker I purchased with everyone. Hopefully I can develop some great recipes to share.
Yeast - Dry (Envelopes or Bulk) or Fresh Compressed Cakes
The different types of yeast used in baking are explained along with the economics of purchasing yeast in bulk (1 pound/454g vacuum sealed bags) compared to buy the trifold pack in the grocery store. It may make sense to purchase that bulk package even though you do not need all of if. Check out my math here.
Pizza Making Equipment
I review the equipment I use to make pizza. Two different pizza peels, a pizza stone, a pizza screen and a metal pan are pictured. Along with how I slice it.
Welcome to
I would like to welcome you for stopping by our web site. Our goal is to provide you with recipes we grew up with and plenty of other ones we found along the way. We will try and include pictures with each recipe and hopefully we will get videos of us preparing these tasty items.




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