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Hot Bologna
Hot Bologna
Lentil Sloppy Joe
Sloppy Joes Lentil Style (Vegan)
self rising flour
Homemade Self Rising Flour
Homemade Bread Flour
Bread Flour Substitute Using All Purpose Flour
Hamburger Buns
Best Hamburger Bun Recipe - With Instructions for Bread Machine, Mixer and Hand
Hot Dog Buns
New England Hot Dog Buns
Bread cooling.
Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread Pullman/Pain de Mie Loaf 16x4x4 Loaf Size
Slice of Raisin Bread
Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread Pullman/Pain de Mie Loaf 13x4x4 Loaf Size
Raisin Bread
Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread Pullman/Pain de Mie Loaf 9x4x4 Loaf Size
Pain de Mei White Sandwich Loaf
White Sandwich Pullman Loaf or Pain de Mie Loaf Recipe 16x4x4 loaf size
Bread cooling.
White Sandwich Pullman Loaf or Pain de Mie Loaf Recipe 13x4x4 loaf size
Bread cooling.
White Sandwich Pullman Loaf or Pain de Mie Loaf Recipe 9x4x4 loaf size
Chicken BBQ Sandwich
Sweet Baby Rays Chicken BBQ Sandwiches
Pepper Cabbage
Pennsylvania Dutch Pepper Cabbage Recipe
White Bread
ABM White Bread - Automatic Bread Machine - 2-1/2 Pound Loaf
White Bread
ABM White Bread (Automatic Bread Machine Recipe) 1-1/2 pound Load
Halushie - Fried Cabbage, Onions and Pasta
Halushkie Recipe Revisited
Tilapia with Balsamic Butter Sauce
Honey Harvard Beets Meal
Joe's Honey Harvard Beets
Sliced pizza.
Best Pizza Recipe
Pizza Dough
Best Pizza Dough
Rice Pudding
Stove Top Rice Pudding Using Uncooked Rice
When I was a kid Mom would make rice pudding as a special treat. This recipe is similar to how she made it. Enjoy it as much as we did growing up. Stove-Top Rice Pudding Using Uncooked Rice I have several different recipes here for rice pudding. If I order Chinese take=out, I always end up with left over rice and one idea is to make Rice Pudding using Cooked Rice out if it, Of course left over rice is great for making fried rice too. But when I get the urge for Rice Pudding, I always seem to have no cooked rice around. So here is a simple recipe to make it on the Stove-top. (There is not much difference in making Rice Pudding using cooked or uncooked rice. Sure you get a jump when you use cooked rice, but rice only take 20 minutes to cook, so it is not that much of a jump. ) This Stove-Top Rice Pudding Using Uncooked Rice is cooked on the stove top. I don't know about you, but I hate the extra dish I have to wash when I bake it in the oven. Give me a stove-top recipe and I am good to go. Sure it might be a little more work, but overall it's a piece of cake.
Breakfast Hoagie
Ultimate Steak Egg and Cheese Breakfast Hoagie
Candied Sweet Potatoes - Stove Top Version
Hoagie Roll / French Bread Pizza
Hoagie Roll Pizza (French Bread Pizza)
You are in a rush for a quick meal. If you have some hoagie rolls or french bread you can easily make you own in a matter of minutes. It will be better than anything you buy at the stores.
Stove Top Candied Sweet Potatoes
Growing up as a kid mom made candied sweet potatoes on the stove top all the time. It is so much easier than baking the casserole ones. And if you remember the old Mrs. Paul's® Candied Sweet Potatoes in the freezer section from years ago which was the sweet potatoes, sugar all ready to be microwaved. Now you have the secret recipe to make your own. Enjoy.
brown sugar
Homemade Brown Sugar Recipe
Oh no, I'm out of brown sugar. What can I do? With two simple ingredients you can make your own. No more worries about having that hard lump of brown sugar in the refrigerator wondering how to soften it. Mix some regular granulated sugar and molasses together and you are set to go.
Pickled Eggs (Red Beet Pickled Eggs)
Growing up in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch Country and the Pennsylvania Coal Region, pickled eggs (red beet eggs) were served at any picnic or major get together. Hard boiled eggs are pickled in a mixture of vinegar, sugar and red beet juice along with red beets and additional water. Sure the eggs with be red in color in a few hours, but for the best flavor leave them infuse for at least three days. Nothing beets a pickled egg when the white has turned red all the way through to the yolk and it is infused with the sweet pickle flavor. Give it a try. Don't throw out the left over pickle juice, It taste great by itself.
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Dutch Baby with Cream Cheese and Strawberries
Dutch Baby pancakes are very similar to a popover or a Yorkshire pudding. You can use them as a base for a savory or sweet item. Today we are going for a sweet breakfast treat by making a cream cheese filling and mixing in sliced fresh strawberries. So Yummy.
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Popover Recipe
Nothing beats a mile high popover fresh out of the oven with some fresh fruit and whipped cream. How about butter, syrup and jam or maybe you prefer the savory side such as roast beef and gravy or creamed chipped beef or sausage gravy. You have a get popover to use as a wonderful pallet of joy. Get you recipe here.
Top 5 Recipes for 2015
How I Save Recipes I find On-line
I am a recipe hoarder. I love to look for recipes all over the place and then save them. At one time I used to print them out and well, I had well over 1,000 pages and truthfully it became very hard to find anything. But technology has come to my rescue and it can save you tool. I am going to take you through how I would save a recipe from my site. I will warm you that is going to be a long post, but you should find it very informative and helpful.
Stove Top Rice Pudding Using Leftover Rice
Eating Chinese? Bet you did not eat the rice because of everything else. What is a person to do with leftover rice? Make Rice Pudding! Sure you can start it from scratch, but the next time you cook rice, cook extra just so you can make Rice Pudding with it. It's a piece of cake. . . well okay a grains of rice.
Apple Pie Recipe - Double Crust
Apple Pie Filling - Cooked in Sauce
You have seen jars and cans of apple pie filling with the apples in a sauce, with this recipe you will be able to make an apple pie filling similar. This is intended to be used or refrigerated and used within a few days. I do not do my own canning, but there are plenty of recipes out there on how to make a canned filling.
Mom's Bread Filling
Stuffing or filling is meant to go inside the turkey while filling. Well we made it in a separate pot and called it filling when technically it is dressing. But hey, to me those two words are interchangeable.
Copycat Catalina Salad Dressing Recipe (made with Sugar Recipe)
Copycat Catalina Salad Dressing Recipe (Low Sugar Recipe)
This is a copycat recipe for Kraft's Catalina Salad Dressing the low sugar version. The sugar has been reduced and replaced with Splenda® granulated. This is the classic Red French Salad Dressing I grew up with.
Dishers and Ice Cream Scoops Sizes - Portion Control
Dishers (more commonly called ice cream scoops) are used in the kitchen as a portion control device. Dishers are available in sized from 2 teaspoons up to 1cup so there is a wide range of available sizes. Included here is the available sizes, the capacities and how to identifiy them by color.
MVP Cheeseburger Macaroni Recipe
This one pot meal was developed by Heinz Kitchens. Ground beef is browned, macaroni, ketchup, water and onion powder is added to cook the macaroni then processed cheese is melted to complete the dish.
Bread Baker Percentages and What it Means to the Home Baker
You may have seen recipes geared towards the professional baker. The formulas they provide are in percentages (%). What does it mean and how to make a recipe is explained in this post. Featured are two examples to help you out.
Philadelphia's NY Cheesecake
This is the traditional recipe off of the Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese package. Since we are baking this is a shallow glass 9-inch pie dish we only needed 1 pound of cream cheese. This can be baking right in the pie dish without a crust or with a traditional graham cracker crust as shown in the pictures here. The choice is yours. Enjoy.
French Toast
This sweeter version of French Toast is great served lightly buttered without syrup. Of course feel free to use all the syrup you wish and top with some powdered sugar.
Beautiful Burger Buns
You're looking for the most Beautiful Burger Bun for those burgers you have on the grill. But the store was out of your usual buns. What's a person to do? Make you own. Beautiful Burger Buns are easy to make. They can be made into any size you want. From small slider size to large 1/2 pounder buns. Putting the topping you like on top. Need some plain, some with sesame seeds, some with poppy seeds, any way you want. Try them today.
Blog Site Changes
In August of 2015 I made some changes which resulted in most recipes having a url change. I also changed the format of the recipes and print out. I hope these are for the better. This post explains these changes and I also share how to use the links available in the WP Ultimate Pro recipe plugin.
California Pizza Company Copycat Pizza Dough
I'm a big pizza fan and no one makes a better pizza than me. Well most of the time that is. Sure I can not do everything but with copycat recipes like this one you can be on your way. Toppings are what you want, and as much as you want. Just do not over do it or the pizza may not cook correctly. This dough has a 90 minute proof so plan on almost 2-1/4 hours to make a pizza to the table. It's well worth it the effort.
Graham Cracker Pie Crust
Sure you can buy a store bought graham cracker crust or you can make a fabulous one yourself. Mixing three ingredients is all it takes. Graham cracker crumbs, sugar and butter. Once done several times it will become second nature and you will wonder why you every considered store bought.
Easy Peach Crumble
Canned peach pie filling is used to make this easy Peach Crumble. Served in small 4 ounce ramekins, this is an individual dessert.
Golden Vanilla Wacky Cake
Legend has it wacky cakes got their start during the depression era of the 1920's and war times when people could not afford or get items such as eggs. This is a vanilla version and a bit of a luxury since it contains milk.
Coconut Custard Pie
Mom's coconut custard pies were a winner in our household. Try her recipe today.
Slow Cooker Purchase
I recently purchased a slow cooker. It has been years since I am one so I would consider myself a beginner slow cooker. I wanted to share the slow cooker I purchased with everyone. Hopefully I can develop some great recipes to share.
Joe's Buttermilk Biscuits
I love a biscuit that is light. Buttermilk make a tender biscuit. Serve as part of an egg and cheese sandwich or with some sausage gravy for breakfast. For lunch or dinner, serve with some butter and fried chicken. These are great anytime.
Baked Low Fat Chocolate Donuts
Donuts are traditionally fried but in this health conscious day and age people are looking for a healthier version. This the baked donut was born. A special pan is used to bake these cake like donuts and they can be topped with the topping of your choice. From confittie to coconut to non-perils to sprinkles or nuts. The choice is yours, bake these chocolate donuts today.
Baked Low Fat Vanilla Donuts
Donuts are traditionally fried but in this health conscious day and age people are looking for a healthier version. This the baked donut was born. A special pan is used to bake these cake like donuts and they can be topped with the topping of your choice. From confittie to coconut to non-perils to sprinkles or nuts. The choice is yours, bake these vanilla donuts today.
Yeast - Dry (Envelopes or Bulk) or Fresh Compressed Cakes
The different types of yeast used in baking are explained along with the economics of purchasing yeast in bulk (1 pound/454g vacuum sealed bags) compared to buy the trifold pack in the grocery store. It may make sense to purchase that bulk package even though you do not need all of if. Check out my math here.
Box Pizza Crust Mix Copycat
Box pizza crust mix from the supermarket are convenient. But have you ever though about making your own. It's easier than you think. And a big plus is, its cheaper. If you want added convenience, measure out a few batches of the dry ingredients and place in the freezer and use in a month or two.
Pretzel Dogs
Pretzel Hot Dog Recipe
What better way to eat a hot dog than to have it wrapped in pretzel dough. Homemade pretzel dough is wrapped around pretzels, dipped in a lye solution, sprinkled with salt and baked. Yummy!
Chicken Rice Pilaf . . . AKA Homemade Rice A Roni
Mom always made the chicken flavored San Fransisco treat. This recipe make a little more than the small size box. I bet you will not have left overs.
One-Hour Hamburger Buns
Homemade hamburger buns are the best. They are nothing like those airy light buns you get in those 8 packs. This buns have some bread to them and hold up much better to a sandwich. Use a stand mixer, a bread machine or do it by hand and top them as you see fit.
One-Hour Hamburger Potato Buns
Potato Rolls in under an hour is what you get with the recipe. Additional yeast is used to speed up the rise time to a matter of minutes. If you want the yellowish color of the traditional rolls, add a drop or two of yellow food coloring.
Pizza Making Equipment
I review the equipment I use to make pizza. Two different pizza peels, a pizza stone, a pizza screen and a metal pan are pictured. Along with how I slice it.
20-minute Pizza Dough Recipe
Pizza dough in 20 minutes! Is it possible? It sure you. You can have home made pizza on the table in the time it takes for delivery. I would use this dough for that last minute meal or the snack attack when you do not have time to make a traditional longer rise pizza dough. This dough gets its speedy rise for the addition of extra yeast which can leave a slight yeasty taste. When ever possible, it is best to do a dough that has at least one rise, better yet if your dough can slow rise over night. Check out my NY Pizza dough for that. This is a good emergency quick dough. Make pizza now and preheat you oven at the same time. Enjoy.
Ham and Bean Soup Recipe
Family get togethers and celebrations of any type always called for fresh home made bean soup. Made a big pot today and allow it to simmer for a few hours. Left overs hold well and taste even better the next day.
How I Mix Sugar Free Powdered Drink Mixes in a clean 2-Liter Soda Bottle
This was my first recipe. Sure it seems basic and silly to be putting it here on a blog, but I needed to learn how to blog and use the recipe add-on. This was my learning curve. Enjoy your sugar free drink.
Halushie - Fried Cabbage, Onions and Pasta
Haluskie Recipe (Halushkie or Fried Cabbage, Onions and Pasta)
Halushkie was a regular dish served by Mom. It has all the comforts of a traditional Coal Region dish. Cabbage, onions, butter and pasta. Yummie. Try it today.
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