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I am a self taught cook.  During high school I took a summer course at the local Vocational Technical school for baking. I always wanted to bake afterwards but never followed my dream.  I did start baking and decorating cake for our family.  I also worked at a fast food restaurant called Gino’s.  I attended some college but started working full time at Gino’s and was unable to finish.  I worked my way up from a cook to an assistant manager prior to the company being bought out.

I then tried my luck as an assembly line welder in a local auto/truck chassis industry.  I transfered into machine maintenance and eventually into management.  I worked their and illness prevented me from working.  I did work my self up to a maintenance supervisor and Environmental Coordinator.

Now I helped my roommate learn how to cook and I want to blog about our cooking, the recipes we grew up with and ones we have seen and want to copy and share.

I also want to pay tribute to my Mother, whom I will forever remember in my prayers, for she was a GREAT COOK.  She raised five of us with an age range covering 14 years.  This is quite a challenge.  No matter how sick Mom was there was always food on the table, wash was done and the house was clean.  She was a Great Mom.  It is sad that her recipes went with her to heaven.  As a tribute, I would like to include some of her recipes here.  I know they are not exact duplicates, for she has taken them with her but I have tried to recreate her best ones here, along with making some healthier.  Mom used lots of butter but I have cut some out, I hope the same taste still comes through.

I hope you enjoy my site and find it useful. 

Thanks very much! 


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  • Darice

    I so wish I had some of my Mom’s recipes written down. Being the oldest girl of six kids (two boys and then four girls) I helped my mom in the kitchen A LOT! But I wanted to do this. I was always the family salad and dressing maker. I signed myself up for a cooking class in the fifth grade and have never stopped.

    But I still wish I knew exactly how my mom made her spaghetti sauce (rich with ground beef) and her ground bolonga spread as well as many other recipes. AWWW the abundance of Christmas cookies.

    Blessings to you.

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